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Depending upon which Denver or Englewood roofing company you choose will most likely decide the shingle choice they recommend for your home.

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What is the best shingle for your roof?What is the best material for your roof?Well check out the below!


Average Roof Shingle Lifespan

Depending on the what you think is the best roof shingle type you have installed on your home and the extremities of the climate in your area you should be able to determine exactly how long your new Littleton roof replacement will last. This Englewood roofing company suggests doing your research before choosing your ideal shingle type. Here is a list of all roof types and the lifespan you can expect for it to have before needing to be replaced:

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Roof Shingle TypesLifespan
Aluminum Coated3 to 7 years
Asphalt 3 Tab Shingles20 years
Asphalt Architectural Shingles30 years
Built Up Roofing (BUR)30 years
Clay Roofing Shingles100 years
Coal and Tar30 years
Copper Roofing70 years
Concrete Tile Roofing100 years
EPDM Rubber15 to 25 years
Fiber Cement25 years
Green Vegetation Roof5 to 40 years
Imitation Slate Tiles10 to 35 years
Metal Roofs40 to 80 years
Modified Bitumen20 years
Slate Stone Tiles60 to 150 years
TPO Rubber Roof7 to 20 years
Wooden Shingles25 years

Why we use Owens Corning Shingles on almost every project, especially the roofing projects upcoming in Littleton. As a Littleton roofer in addition to many other areas we pride ourselves on timely service.

When I tried to find a Denver roofer near me, there were so many companies I didn’t know what to do. I called Owens Corning for a recommendation and they gave me the phone number of Colorado Roofing Company.

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Residential Roof Repair

Finding a good roofing contractor in englewood is not an easy task. We have completed quite a few Englewood roof repairs over the years and although we don’t consider ourselves to be an Englewood roofing company, we certainly fit right in.

Residential Re-Roof

Are you searching for an Englewood roofer near me? Here at Colorado Roofing Company we have you covered. We have been performing Englewood Roofing Replacements for years now. Call Colorado Roofing Company today!

Town Home Inspections

Do you have damage to an existing structure other then your main dwelling. No job is too big or too small for us. At our affordable budget pricing we try to make the price point reachable for all Denver and Englewood roofing customers.


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We had storm damage to our 2 story townhome and our trusted local Denver roofer, the Colorado Roofing Company and OMG Construction helped us to get the job finished with minimal hassle.

Tara G – Realtor

We had our Englewood roof replaced after another Englewood roofing company did a poor job during the construction phase. Colorado Roofing Company made the job right.

Kenna H – Homeowner
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