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Important factors to consider involving a roof replacement when performed by a local Denver roofing contractor:

  1. Colorado Roofing Company installs NEW felt paper on each roof which is standard procedure, however, many roofers do not in order to save money and increase profits.
  2. Colorado Roofing Company installs START ROLL around the entire perimeter of the roof which meets current building codes. This is a double sided, highly adhesive product designed to prevent wind blown shingles and leaks around the roof’s perimeter. The majority of roofing installers also avoid this by using only standard shingles instead which is an old method and no longer meets building code.
  3. Colorado Roofing Company installs VALLEY METAL in all valleys on the roof which exceeds building code requirements. These valley’s are run-off areas during heavy rain and are known potential leak areas. The valley metal will WATER PROOF these areas for the entire life of the shingles. Majority of our competitors will use rolled roofing or minimal standard products IF ANY.
  4. Colorado Roofing Company installs a heavy rubberized mat underlayment known as “Ice and Water Shield” around the chimney, troublesome areas such as “dead valleys” and skylights.
  5. We never leave a job-site unattended. Each job-site has an on-site foreman who oversees the work throughout the entire process.
  6. These procedures are followed with each and every roof replacement we perform in Denver in an effort to eliminate the possibility of future problems and prolong the durability and life of the roofing installation.
  7. Colorado Roofing Company disposes of all composition roofing materials at a recycling facility located in Aurora versus the landfill. These shingles are recycled and used in the paving of new roads. This practice is an effort made by Colorado Roofing Company to do our part in protecting the environment.
  8. Colorado Roofing Company uses the best priced and highest grade materials regardless of the manufacturer. We often order from several different manufacturers for each job we perform in order to ensure the best product.
  9. Colorado Roofing Company honors our warranties and is locally owned and operated..
  10. While a roofing replacement operation is a messy one, we ensure at the end of the day that the property is thoroughly cleaned of all debris including NAILS. We use a high powered magnetic roller and wand to ensure no nails are left behind when we leave the job site.
  11. These procedures are included in our pricing.
  12. Owens Corning is the industry leader in building materials, innovative wind energy products, energy star rated appliance materials, fiber optic cable materials, and an environmentally conscientious company.
Dimensional Roof finished by Colorado Roofing Company
Owens Corning Total Roofing Protection System